My Inspiration

The beautiful scenery here in the West Country is a constant source of inspiration, both inland and by the sea.  The constantly changing colours and landscapes of rough seas and pebbly beaches, the shape of a rock, a ploughed field, spring flowers, people's antics - there's so much to see when you take the time to look.


In winter, the trees are bare and the beaches are deserted, apart from local dog walkers and some hardy surfers.

In spring, the flowers start to appear with their cheerful colours and a promise of better weather to come.

In the summer, the beaches are crowded with visitors, hungry for a taste of this beautiful part of the country.

In autumn, things quieten back down - the cows are still grazing, the warm tones of autumn leaves glow in the late sunshine and the beaches are once again places of quiet contemplation.


Sometimes, the glass itself is my inspiration.  I might accidentally place two pieces of glass together on a table and the colour combinations could start the seed of an idea.  Or a test piece may not come out of the kiln as I envisaged but the result may inspire an interesting alternative.


Inspiration is there for the taking - it's translating it that's the interesting bit!