A Bit About Me

From a very young age I enjoyed painting and creating 'wonderful' collages out of felt for my Mum.  This interest has continued throughout my adult life and I have always balanced any 'proper' job with creative leisure courses such as ceramics, stained glass, rag rugging, local art groups and an art foundation course in textiles. 

My interest in Fused Glass started with one taster course, followed by another, then another!  Thinking that the college was getting a little worried that I was planning on moving in, I decided to get my own kiln so that I could continue to explore and develop my own ideas and techniques.

Glass is a fascinating medium to work with.  I am constantly in awe of the fact that I can transform the shape and texture of a flat, solid piece of glass into something more organic and tactile - with some amazing colours and light reflecting qualities.

It can really lift my spirits to see a beautiful piece of glass hanging in a window, being used for something functional or simply being enjoyed as a piece of art.

I love working with glass and I hope that you get as much pleasure from my glass as I do.